Contact Info: 

  • phone: 1-414-988-4031

Company Services:

  • Architectural Fabrication
  • Casting
  • Furniture
  • Finishing
  • Glass
  • Installation
  • Metal working
  • Project Management
  • Shop Drawings
  • Wood working
  • Mirror Silvering

Interested in working with:

  • Other vendors

Please provide a brief history of your company.

During the recession of 2008 the need for my residential painting company dwindled. Through the generosity of several business men I was given opportunities to develop my business one piece at a time without any startup finance. It has been expanding ever since.

 What does your company specialize in?

Custom Art Furniture Manufacturing and Design.

What motivated you to get started in your particular industry?

An interest in working with metal patinas, glass silvering and specialty finishes as well as the creative aspect of unique design.

What makes you most excited about your business?

Watching imaginative ideas manifested into reality.

Describe a particularly challenging project you successfully completed.

Designing and fabricating a large order of executive office desks and conference tables for Harley Davidson in Milwaukee. It was an extremely optimistic deadline but because of a committed staff we some how were able to pull it off.