Ripple Mirror

Project Details:

Project Description:

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Prototype for's "first things first" show during NYCxDesign


Brooks Atwood at Pod Design

Design Team: 

Principal: Brooks Atwood

Marguerite Lefevre, Gretchen Von Koenig, Megan Lin

Design Assist and Manufacturing Consultation:

The Makingfield


Milgo Bufkin

Making Report:

I was eager to work with Brooks Atwood on this unique project.  The design charge was clear: recreate the organic look of a water ripple pattern in a reflective  material and produce a prototype for's First Things First show, all in under 4 weeks.

I began the process by working with the client to formalize the critical design parameters of the piece.  After putting together a comprehensive design brief, I began sourcing potential vendors and investigating multiple manufacturing methodologies.  This information was then presented to the client to best evaluate the cost and aesthetic implications of each method.  In a parallel effort, I developed  a parametric 3d model of the mirror.  This allowed for a quick back and forth process with the designer that helped expedite the design development process and translate the provided design sketch into a 3D submission file for potential vendors.  This process was critical to removing any manufacturing ambiguity, leading to concrete price estimates.  Upon completion of the design, the Metal Fabricators, Milgo Bufkin,  were able to lend their considerable expertise to the process and  produce a prototype for the show that was true to the design intent of the piece.