NorthWoods Manufacturing


Contact Info: 

Company Services:

  • Architectural Fabrication
  • CNC
  • Furniture
  • Toolpathing
  • Woodworking
  • Finishing

Interested in working with:

  • Intermediate makers
  • Other Vendors

Please provide a brief history of your company.

The company was started in 2005 in Lancaster New Hampshire.  We bought the building and set up the CNC at that time.  We were 2 employees at the start and have grown to 13 employees.  We have added a split second shift and have steadily expanded our software and machining capabilities.

 What does your company specialize in?

CNC machining and cabinet manufacturing.

What motivated you to get started in your particular industry?

I decided to marry my 25 years of wood working experience with my interest in cnc technology and computers.

What makes you most excited about your business?

The ability to successfully execute challenging and unique projects.

Describe a particularly challenging project you successfully completed.

We recently worked on a modular furniture project that is assembled without any mechanical hardware. All of the parts had extremely precise tolerances to allow for the kit of parts to be assembled correctly.